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Welcome. Now it's over to you.

Welcome to Kohera, the business technology consultancy focussing on serving professionals and their advisors in the London and M4 area. Our passion is providing you with the advice and services your firm, chambers or consultancy requires to give you a head start and a competitive edge with your computer systems, the internet and online marketing.

Never Defeated When you work with Kohera you know that the person you deal with has colleagues on hand in every specialism, so you get the advantage of personal support from an individual who can get to know you and your business as well as large consultancy advice and support when that is needed. It will always be clear what you're paying for and where the value lies.

We have the expertise and the experience, too. Here are some of the tricks we get up to:

  • Supporting a €100,000 software purchase licence agreement, the implementation and on-going development
  • Deploying Business Intelligence systems based on WPS
  • Modifying sophisticated software systems to better suit client requirements
  • Workflow improvements - going paperless in a way which works for the client
  • Supporting remote employees, putting the tools in place to keep them integrated in the business
  • Disseminating training materials to staff and clients and assessing them for their knowledge using a Virtual Learning Environment
  • Upgrading websites and adding Content Management Systems whilst preserving the prior investment in design work
  • Transforming a spreadsheet into a full database system
  • Collecting website statistics using all the major tools and interpreting the meaning of them
  • Generating barcodes for documents
  • Creating and e-mailing files automatically (such as invoices)
  • Anything with SMS, large or small volumes. If you want to text people, we can help you

In addition, as a vehicle for the above consultancy, Kohera has written a Business Management System called SideOffice, based on the proven CourseAid Engine. Now at major version 6, SideOffice allows us to deliver faster and better results when managing your business data.

Call the Ideas Line now! Other consultancies want to see your money, then talk. We want to prove our worth first. Call the Ideas Line on 08458 689023 to talk about your IT challenges.

Cut glass advice Kohera consultants take pride in being paid to talk and report. We are eloquent, personable and effective.

Don't take our word for it We are always receiving recommendations from satisfied clients. We are pleased to provide references for any kind of IT-related work. Positive accolades are a way of life for us!

Contact us to arrange a risk-free telephone appointment at a time to suit you. At least you can go away with some new ideas! At best you will see how we might fit into your vision.